Python Custom: From Intro to Advanced Applications

Whether your team is new to Python, or made of experienced developers who need to get into the more advanced features of Python, we can develop a custom curriculum to match your training needs.

Description of the course

We offer custom curricula for your Python training needs. From the basics, to Object-oriented design, to more advanced topics like decorators, generators or context managers.

Learning objectives

Working with your team, we can focus on your training needs to optimise for your objectives.


Sample topics
  • Python Core Concepts
    • Build-in data types
    • Control flow statements
    • Working with data
    • The Python standard library
    • Creating custom functions
    • Program organisation: modules and packages
  • Object-oriented programming with Python
    • Objects and classes
    • The Python Data Model
    • Properties
    • Multiple inheritance and overloading
  • Advanced concepts
    • Generators and iterators
    • Context managers
    • Decorators
    • Regular expressions
  • Testing, logging, debugging

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