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We offer a range of training courses, spanning from Python programming foundations to specialised Data Analytics and Machine Learning classes. Check out our most popular training curricula below, or get in touch to discuss a customised syllabus that fully satisfies your training needs.


We offer expert consulting for projects in the Data Science domain, helping companies turn their vision of the data products into reality. We specialise in the Python for Data Science (PyData) software stack.


We collaborate with teams of software engineers, data scientists, data analysts, business analysts to help them identify the best routes to develop, deploy and maintain their Data Science products.

Our training courses

Python for Data Analytics

Get familiar with the Python stack for Data Science, and automate tasks such as aquisition, cleaning, processing and analysis of data.

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pandas beyond the basics

Take your knowledge of pandas to the next level, learn about best practices in order to slice and dice complex data efficiently.

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Software Engineering for Data Scientists

Apply Software Engineering principles to Python Data Science projects to produce robust code and increase trust.

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Machine Learning with Python

Learn the foundations of algorithms for predictive analytics, and discover how to apply them to your data using Python.

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Natural Language Processing

An introduction on the techniques and Python tools for practitioners who want to get started with Natural Language Processing applications.

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From Python Foundations to Advanced Applications

Whether your team is new to Python, or made of experienced developers who need to get into the more advanced features of Python, we can develop a custom curriculum to match your training needs.

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Next public training courses

  • pandas beyond the basics (virtual/remote) TBD
  • Python for Data Analytics (virtual/remote) TBD

About us

Dr. Marco Bonzanini is a Data Science consultant, corporate trainer and author who specialises in the Python for Data Science (PyData) software stack. Backed by a PhD in Information Retrieval, he has worked on a broad range of information management and data science projects, including text analytics, social media, flight safety, behavioural data, biomedical data and recruitment data.

Marco serves as co-organiser of the PyData London meetup and conference series (largest Python user group in Europe), helping to build the open-source community for Data Science.

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Marco Bonzanini

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